Thank you for your interest in Veterinary Physiotherapy for either your dog or your horse. Have a look around for more information on what Veterinary Physiotherapy involves and answers to the common questions you may have.

Each Hot2Trot Veterinary Physiotherapy session is tailored to each individual animal and owner based on rigorous training and Hot2Trot’s own personal ethos. Scroll down or have a browse to find out more, or click below to contact us.

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When Might My Animal Need Physiotherapy?

If your dog or horse has any of these, then Hot2Trot: Veterinary Physiotherapy will be able to help!

  • Loss of mobility/ performance drop.
  • Muscle loss.
  • Gait changes.
  • Scar tissue.
  • Pain.
  • Pre and post-surgical.
  • Surgery prevention and support.
  • Muscle spasm.
  • Joint restrictions and loss of range of motion.

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Condition management – Many horses and dogs have specific conditions which require management throughout their lifetimes which can be supported through manual therapy and conditioning.

Pain relief – Traumatic or insidious onset events occur ┬átherefore vet physio can provide therapy which will aid natural pain relief.

Rehabilitation – Post injury, muscle weakness and loss of core strength can occur, therefore exercises can be provided to aid your animal return to health.

Pre and Post Surgery – Supporting your animal both before and after their operation will help them return to health much faster.

Maintenance – Regular maintenance sessions can aid your horse and dog feel great in their everyday life.

Performance enhancing – If your horse or dog feels great, they will perform much better both in every day life and in competition.

If your horse or dog requires help with any of these, then get in touch today or head across to the Canine Physiotherapy or Equine Physiotherapy section to find out more!

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