Techniques used.

Alongside massage, stretching and electrotherapies, rehabilitation techniques can be a fun way for you and your dog to get the most out of the healing process – especially if your dog cannot go on your normal long walks. It is a great way to mentally stimulate your dog and can be a great addition on to a short lead walk. 

Your veterinary physiotherapist will have prescribed you specific exercises and demonstrated but here are some of the benefits and rehab methods you may see.



Massage increase blood flow to the area for better tissue repair,  it has a pain relieving effect. 

Different techniques achieve different actions, such as effleurage heats the tissue and increases blood flow. Compression has muscle pumping action helping flush waste out, whilst tapotement can excite ‘unstimulated muscles’. Cross fibre friction can reduce adhesions and scar tissue. 



Stretching lengthens tissue fibres, helping to relax them and re-align the fibres. 

Wobble Boards


 A wobble board is a great way to strengthen muscles and re-educate postural muscles, the dog can stand on them which forces increased weight-bearing to those limbs. 



Polework enhances neural pathways, improves range of motion and strengthens muscle. A great addition to the end of a short walk. 



Weaving increases flexibility throughout the body, as well as increasing weight bearing on individual limbs to strengthen muscles. 

Sit to Stands


The equivalent of your doing squats yourself! This improves hindlimb musculature to strengthen the “power house” of your dog. 


There multiple electrotherapy's available, and don't worry it doesn't mean your dog will be getting electrocuted during treatments. Electrotherapy is a blanket term for devices which either use a currant or stimulate the bodies own electrical abilities for healing, known as "cellular potential." 

Click below to find out more about electrotherapy and the benefits! 

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