Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions for your equine physiotherapy sessions, these will also be discussed at your first session. They are to ensure the best care is received by your horse. 

Terms and Conditions

 1) Horse’s require the consent of their veterinarian before treatment, in the case of the horse this may be verbal/email consent given by the veterinarian if a consent form cannot be obtained. You will be asked to sign a statement to confirm this. 

2) Your horse will be referred back to the veterinarian if there is an increase in discomfort and/or lameness. 

3) Session fees are to be paid on the date of the session. 

4) A 24-hour cancellation period is in place; a fee will be applied at the veterinary physiotherapist’s discretion if this is not met. 

5) Block booking fees are to be paid upfront for the discount to be applied.


6) Owners must notify the physiotherapist of any medication changes. 

7) Please ensure that your horse is clean and dry prior to the session. 

8) Your horse will be required to at least walk and trot up for assessment, and potentially be lunged or ridden depending on the nature of the signs. Please ensure if you cannot be available to do this, that someone is available for you. 

9) Your appointment may last up to 90-minutes, please ensure you have blocked this time out. 

10) Any “homework” i.e. suggested changes in management, exercises or suggested therapies are designed to enhance your horse’s sessions and healing process, it is as your discretion as to whether you apply them. If you don’t apply them, it may require extra veterinary physiotherapy sessions.  


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All appointments are at pre-arranged times, subject to availability, and will involve the Veterinary Physiotherapist either coming to your home (canine) or yard (equine).